Sample Projects

Video Marketing, Interactive Digital APPs, Motion Graphics, Aerial Shots, SlideShow Designs, Infographics, Photo/Selfie Booth, & Creative Services
Architecture shots

Photography shooting for architects, builder, and private parties for marketing purposes. Click for Key shots

360 Interactive site tours- Click here: Inreflection360

"Sitting Pretty"

Book designed for HomeAid's Project Playhouse as a gift to architects and builders.

Lynne Curtin Designs

Marketing shots for Lynne Curtin's product as seen on Orange County Housewives " A Bravo TV show".

"in a day..."

Video marketing project capturing a day in the life of Karen Mayo Laguna Beach photographer.

General Lyon

Designed dedication page in HomeAid's 20th Anniversary Project Playhouse book.

Project Love

Designed "Me, Myself, and I" photos and video for 50th Wedding Anniversary party.

Website Designs

Websites are designed to be viewable on all devices.

Flipping Book

Brochure web flipping book.

Not all projects and pictures are displayed due to client confidentially. Contact us today ...